Monday, November 22, 2010

Love is All-That-Is

                                                                 Art by Gaelyn Larrick

God said: I am that I am.
This means: I only am. There is only I. I am all there is. 

From myself all of Creation came to be. I created all of you and all that is from myself.
Nothing else exists. 

I breathed you into existence. When you breathe, it is me breathing. 

I loved you into existence. When you love, you experience me and I experience you.

I am light and so you are light. The light shines in the darkness and there is nothing to be afraid of.

I sang you into existence. Each of you is a note in the never-ending cosmic symphony that I compose, conduct, play, and sing through you. 

I gifted you with freedom of will and you willed to be separate and distinct from me. 

When you cut me off from your soul, you stepped out on the path of an unconscious life.

I have come to you as the fully conscious persons of Buddha, Jesus, and others who planted the seeds of Truth in various scriptures, human hearts, and semi-conscious minds. It is up to you to unearth these seeds, to plant them in your own heart, mind, and soul, and nurture them there.  

Jesus said: I and the Father are One.  The fully conscious Jesus knew that he was one with God, with Love, with All-That-Is. He showed you the way to know and experience this same Oneness. 

As we meditate on these things we bring more light and love to the world. We bring the world back to the knowledge of being One with Creation. Where Oneness is self-conscious, conflict can’t exist. 

Oneness is Peace. Oneness is Love. Oneness is Creation. Oneness is God. In Oneness I am that I am.

Discover Your Divinity!

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