Thursday, October 27, 2011

Building Bridges with Same Sex Weddings by Emily VanLaeys

 The first legal gay marriages were celebrated on July 24, 2011, and on July 26th, I performed
my first same-sex wedding for two women who had been together for twelve years. They had
already had a commitment ceremony in Vermont, and a wedding in Massachusetts, so they just
wanted an intimate ceremony to legalize their marriage in their home state of New York.  I
conducted the ceremony in my back yard, with my husband as the only witness. Although it was
their third ceremony, it was the first one in which the women’s love story was told. The women
were visibly moved by hearing their personal story and feelings for each other framed in words
as part of their wedding ceremony. At the end of their Massachusetts wedding, they had simply
been pronounced “married.” I ended their ceremony with these words: “Because you have come
together with your hearts and minds and souls, and pledged to one another your futures, I
pronounce you to be united in legal and spiritual matrimony.”

    A lot of the gay couples who are getting married now have already been committed to each
other for many years. In September I conducted a wedding for two men, Ed and Bill, who had
been together for sixteen years. They have an adopted son who came to this country from China
and has brought immeasurable joy to the two fathers. We included a Chinese tea and orange
sharing ritual as part of the wedding ceremony, in order to symbolize the cementing of all three
individuals as members of one family. Before the couple took their vows, I spoke these words:
“This is a great day for all of humanity, as well as for these two men, because the new law that
allows this wedding to occur tells us that the world is becoming a kinder and gentler place.”

     In October I officiated the wedding of two men, Earl and John, who have been together for
fifteen years. The best part of this and the previous wedding was the presence of so many
supportive friends and family members. As part of Earl and John’s ceremony, all of the guests
shouted “We do!” to promise their support for the couple.  Earl’s brother read a classical
Chinese wedding poem, and John’s sister read an excerpt from Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift
from the Sea.  As I told them, Earl and John have the kind of relationship that other couples envy,
because they NEVER tire of each other’s company. Using the insights I gleaned from their
responses to my questions, I said: “You are two halves of a whole: two pieces of a puzzle that fit
perfectly together. You put forth a great deal of effort to take care of each other and you support
each other in your personal growth. You are better together than either of you is apart.”

 Each of the same-sex couples that I have married believes that they are soul mates. Can
anyone tell them that they are wrong when they know themselves and each other better than
anyone else can? Every human soul is composed of both masculine and feminine aspects
which each of us must learn to balance within ourselves. Our soul mate is someone who helps
us to balance the different qualities of our personalities. For the majority, this is someone of the
opposite sex, but for some it is a person of the same sex who has just what it takes to make
another feel whole and complete. This is so well put in this poem by Mark Twain, which I read at
Bill and Ed’s wedding:

"On Marriage”
A marriage makes two fractional lives a whole;
It gives two purposeless lives a work and doubles
the strength of each to perform it;
It gives two questioning natures a reason for living,
and something to live for;
It will give a new gladness to the sunshine,
A new fragrance to the flowers,
A new beauty to the earth,
And a new mystery to life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

11-11-11: Bridge to the Future

         I am re-posting the article I wrote a few weeks ago, because we are living in the last few days of increasing vibrational energy, leading up to the 11-11-11 Stargate Portal, and many Light Workers, me included, are filled with excited anticipation. I realize it may turn out to be an ordinary day for a lot of people, but I am expecting to feel some extraordinary energies that day - because I am already experiencing them! Last night I barely slept because I was so full of vibrating Light and Love. Maybe by the end of the week I won't be sleeping at all, but that's okay. I don't want to miss a moment of bliss!

        Last year I wrote an article about 10-10-10 in response to those who say that there can’t be anything spiritually significant about a date, considering that our calendar is man-made. I made the point that many people believe that the Company of Heaven -  those beings of Light who dwell in the higher dimensions – are taking an active part in the evolution of humanity. And if this is true, then these Light Beings (angels, masters, guides, and extraterrestrials) are going to use tools that will help them to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, in order to communicate with us. Among these tools are the people who are able to channel their messages. Other tools include those symbols that have meaning for humanity, such as the geometric symbols displayed in crop circles, and the number sequences that have been occurring in our calendar since the new millennia began.

       The upcoming sequence, 11-11-11, is a date of great importance for people who are working to help bring about the new golden age of peace that has been prophesied for this time. It is not the date itself that will “magically” usher in the beginning of this new age. The spiritual planes where the Company of Heaven does its work lie beyond time and space, so dates are meaningful only for those of us who need calendars and clocks to let us know when to focus our attention on a specific goal.  On 11-11-11, Light Workers all over the planet will come together in spirit to focus intention on raising the consciousness of humanity to a higher plane, where divine will rules supreme. Ceremonies of great import will be taking place in Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Arkansas, Arizona, California, and many other places around the world.

       Since September 25th, I have been participating in the Rites of Passage transmissions offered by Children of the Sun, as a way of preparing humanity for the coming changes. Each week’s rite is a vibrational attunement for our body temple. So far these attunements have bestowed on us the vibrations of faith, balance, purity, compassion, and humility. After the attunement, we take a guided soul journey to a different part of the world where we receive and send divine light. Anyone who has not participated in one of these rites cannot scoff at those who do. The experience is incredibly beautiful and assists with your personal spiritual transformation as well as that of the planet. If you would like to join one of these journeys to assist the salvation of humanity, just follow this link: Children of the Sun: Rites of Passage.

       Also on the Children of the Sun site is this article about the 11-11-11 portal: 11-11-11 Oracle Vision. It explains that no one knows what changes may take place on that day, because each of us is creating the future in every now moment. However, one thing that is certain, the more people who hold a positive vision of a world where peace and justice reign, the closer we will be to this actuality. This is the meditation for 11:11 PM EST on 11-11-11: Stargate Crossing.

       Some readers may scoff and say, "But you said 10-10-10 was going to bring about positive changes. Where are they?" My response is that positive changes HAVE occurred. Many of these changes have been taking place on the inner and higher planes of reality, which you will experience if you meditate and connect with your higher consciousness, and if you connect with others who are aware of these changes. Some of them ARE happening in the physical world, but they are not the kinds of stories that usually make it into the news since our media thrives on negativity. More and more changes will be coming for the better after November 11th. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you won't miss them. And if you participate in the worldwide meditations taking place that day, you will be even more likely to notice the opening of your spiritual eyes and ears.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bridges to the Stars

As a child, I wondered about the smallness of my existence -- the brief moment of time and the tiny space that was my life. How could I not have existed at all before the day of my birth? How was it possible that nothing of interest lay beyond the reaches of the sky above my little world? Why was I told, at home and at school, that there was nothing more to life than what I could touch and feel or read about in acceptable books?

As I grew from childhood to adolescence, and went to college, I continued to ask these questions, to explore ideas that I found outside the covers of my academic textbooks, and to read the UNacceptable books that I found in the library -- until I realized that the people who warned: "No, don't go there," even though they were in the majority, were the ones whose eyes were closed to the infinite variety of life, reality, and truth.

Among the small concepts I was taught in my youth was the one that the existence of intelligent life on other planets was just a fantasy. At best, it was a remote possibility that would not likely be discovered in my lifetime. Extraterrestrials populated books and movies, but not real life. I read science fiction to stretch my imagination to some of the ways that life on other planets might differ from ours. But when I found a book in the nonfiction section of the library, written by a man who claimed to have been taken aboard a spaceship from another world, I knew I was entering a realm that would be considered taboo by my parents, teachers, and friends. So I flitted in and out of that realm for many years - checking to see which aliens were making contact with humans - but not paying them serious attention since, after all, I did not want to be seen as a "nut case" by the majority of the human population.

In the 1990's I had a friend who was fascinated with the Pleiadians. My thoughts were: Yes, I'm sure there really are intelligent beings - even highly spiritually-evolved beings - from the Pleiadies. But what would I gain from learning about them as my friend did? I was busy raising two young children, writing, taking care of my home and my husband, doing volunteer work for church and community. I was also reading a lot of spiritual books, but none about extra-terrestrials. My reading took me far enough off the beaten path as it was, and my parents already worried that my belief in reincarnation put me in the same category as the Heaven's Gate group that committed suicide when the Hale-Bopp comet made its appearance. 

In recent months I have re-discovered the Pleiadians online and in the book: Pleiadian Initiations of Light by Christine Day. I have also discovered the Arcturians, the Sirians, and other star people who communicate with us through various earth channels. "You've got to be kidding!" many readers will exclaim. But then I ask: "Why not?" Why shouldn't beings exist on other planets, from other stars, and why shouldn't they be so much more advanced than we are that they can travel faster than the speed of light to visit their earth sisters and brothers? 

When we realize that God is All-That-Is, and that all of Creation is connected in Divine Oneness . . . we recognize that this Oneness includes all of the universe, not just our own little world. The beings from other stars have known this for aeons, and so they acknowledge that the fate of the entire universe depends on the spiritual evolution of earth and its inhabitants. They are working with us and with the spiritual masters and angels of this world, to assist our awakening as the divine beings of love and light that we truly are. The aliens are not coming to invade our planet, as Hollywood would have us fear! They are coming as older and wiser brothers and sisters, who can help us clean up the mess we have made of our world, so that we can take our rightful place as citizens of the universe. I find it very comforting to know that we have so much support, not only from the higher beings of this world, but from other worlds as well. 

Just as we are building bridges between diverse peoples, between humans and nature, and between heaven and earth . . . we can build bridges between planets, stars, and galaxies . . . connecting all of the universe in a vast network of love and understanding. The more we stretch our imaginations, the more we realize that there is no end to the number of love and light bridges we can  build!