Monday, October 24, 2011

11-11-11: Bridge to the Future

         I am re-posting the article I wrote a few weeks ago, because we are living in the last few days of increasing vibrational energy, leading up to the 11-11-11 Stargate Portal, and many Light Workers, me included, are filled with excited anticipation. I realize it may turn out to be an ordinary day for a lot of people, but I am expecting to feel some extraordinary energies that day - because I am already experiencing them! Last night I barely slept because I was so full of vibrating Light and Love. Maybe by the end of the week I won't be sleeping at all, but that's okay. I don't want to miss a moment of bliss!

        Last year I wrote an article about 10-10-10 in response to those who say that there can’t be anything spiritually significant about a date, considering that our calendar is man-made. I made the point that many people believe that the Company of Heaven -  those beings of Light who dwell in the higher dimensions – are taking an active part in the evolution of humanity. And if this is true, then these Light Beings (angels, masters, guides, and extraterrestrials) are going to use tools that will help them to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, in order to communicate with us. Among these tools are the people who are able to channel their messages. Other tools include those symbols that have meaning for humanity, such as the geometric symbols displayed in crop circles, and the number sequences that have been occurring in our calendar since the new millennia began.

       The upcoming sequence, 11-11-11, is a date of great importance for people who are working to help bring about the new golden age of peace that has been prophesied for this time. It is not the date itself that will “magically” usher in the beginning of this new age. The spiritual planes where the Company of Heaven does its work lie beyond time and space, so dates are meaningful only for those of us who need calendars and clocks to let us know when to focus our attention on a specific goal.  On 11-11-11, Light Workers all over the planet will come together in spirit to focus intention on raising the consciousness of humanity to a higher plane, where divine will rules supreme. Ceremonies of great import will be taking place in Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Arkansas, Arizona, California, and many other places around the world.

       Since September 25th, I have been participating in the Rites of Passage transmissions offered by Children of the Sun, as a way of preparing humanity for the coming changes. Each week’s rite is a vibrational attunement for our body temple. So far these attunements have bestowed on us the vibrations of faith, balance, purity, compassion, and humility. After the attunement, we take a guided soul journey to a different part of the world where we receive and send divine light. Anyone who has not participated in one of these rites cannot scoff at those who do. The experience is incredibly beautiful and assists with your personal spiritual transformation as well as that of the planet. If you would like to join one of these journeys to assist the salvation of humanity, just follow this link: Children of the Sun: Rites of Passage.

       Also on the Children of the Sun site is this article about the 11-11-11 portal: 11-11-11 Oracle Vision. It explains that no one knows what changes may take place on that day, because each of us is creating the future in every now moment. However, one thing that is certain, the more people who hold a positive vision of a world where peace and justice reign, the closer we will be to this actuality. This is the meditation for 11:11 PM EST on 11-11-11: Stargate Crossing.

       Some readers may scoff and say, "But you said 10-10-10 was going to bring about positive changes. Where are they?" My response is that positive changes HAVE occurred. Many of these changes have been taking place on the inner and higher planes of reality, which you will experience if you meditate and connect with your higher consciousness, and if you connect with others who are aware of these changes. Some of them ARE happening in the physical world, but they are not the kinds of stories that usually make it into the news since our media thrives on negativity. More and more changes will be coming for the better after November 11th. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you won't miss them. And if you participate in the worldwide meditations taking place that day, you will be even more likely to notice the opening of your spiritual eyes and ears.


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