Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Divine Light, Solar Light , Light of the World

       Divine Light has been an abstract concept in my mind for many years. One of my favorite scripture passages has been: "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light upon my path." I loved Jesus' reminder that I, too, am a light for the world. I learned to use the healing energy of Reiki, which can be thought of as Light, and I imagined white light coming into my crown chakra during meditation. When I read The Lightworker's Way by Doreen Virtue, I thought of myself as one of this group because of my desire to heal the planet and its inhabitants.

       It wasn't until I worked with the CD: Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light, Orin Meditations channeled by Sanaya Roman, that I experienced light as an energy that I could invite into my soul, be transformed by, and send out to be shared with others. Having reached the understanding that every aspect of Creation is composed of the same Light, Love, and Intelligence as its Creator, I understood that the Sun truly is Divine, just as many ancients believed. I enjoyed these meditations during a sojourn to Ocean City, Maryland, where my husband attended a physician's assistant conference at the hotel. While he was listening to medical lectures, I soaked up the rays of the physical sun on the beach, and encountered the radiance of the sun's soul (solar soul light!).

       Later, back home, I invited a clairvoyant-gifted friend to visit and watch while I meditated with solar light. I knew Evie had the ability to see what was happening on the higher planes of reality, so I wanted to find out if her observation would verify the experience I thought I was having. She took notes while I meditated, and later told me she couldn't write fast enough to document all of the changes she saw! The first thing that happened was that my face and form grew blurry and blended into my surroundings. Then my face began to glow with a white aura. It became lighter as I meditated on filling myself with more light. When my face and body grew distinct again, it was a younger, taller,and more beautiful version of me. (Gee, I wish I could have seen that!)

       When Sanaya's voice told me to radiate my light out into the room, Evie saw the light in my living room grow brighter, and she felt its peacefulness. During the section about joining with latticework of light in the universal mind, she saw a pattern, like a checkerboard of light, emanate from my head out into the room. Near the end of the meditation, Sanaya says to imagine a more and more perfect light, at which point Evie saw the white light from my face rise higher and higher.

       This experience taught me that the imagination is more powerful than most people realize. While I was imagining the experiences that Sanaya described on the CD, they were actually happening in the spiritual realm that Evie could see. Afterward, I knew with certainty that Divine Light is a real force in our lives, that we can experience it ourselves, and use it to transform the world into the beautiful, peaceful place God meant it to be. It will take many people working with the Light to expand its beauty from the confines of our homes, but the more we work with the Light, the stronger it becomes.

        You are the light of the world - so let your light shine!


  1. Hi! Emily
    Nice to see your new blog. Hope your will put regularly your amazing experiences with divine light both on your blog and hub. I feel sure you will able to teach immensely many to practice meditation, identification with divine light and provide them Ananda (bliss of light and happiness). Wish you all the good luck.

  2. That was perfect Thank you for all the worldly help you give to others. Love\Love\Lisa

  3. Thank you Emily, I too work with light for the world from my home as well as while doing Reiki for healing, and for grounding the universal light to Earth. The light is beautiful!


  4. Amen, Emily, let your light shine brightly--thanks for the post--very meaningful--Love and Light, Dot

  5. Wonderful thank you Emily. Our light is magical, and the power of many could be transformational to the energies on this planet.


  6. Just imagine if we had a worldwide meditation, not for any other purpose, but shining our light!