Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Equinox Ceremony

       Since the beginning of Time, people have performed ceremony and rituals to create bridges between earth and heaven. The symbolism used is understood by both human and spiritual participants of the ceremony. The energy created by the rituals can affect transformation on multiple levels of existence, from the physical world we live in, on through the dimensions of nature elementals and angels. 

       Last night my friends, Marilyn and Chester, joined me in a Spring Equinox Ceremony, to release the old, embrace the new, and mark our intentions that this new year will be one in which peace, balance, harmony, truth, love, integrity, and compassion will rule the hearts of all beings on earth.

       We began the ceremony by naming and writing down the old ways that must be released: violence, oppression, negativity, injustice, etcetera! We then burned our scraps of paper to symbolize the release of these evils. 

       You can see some of the symbols we used for the ceremony, including an agate egg, yellow flowers, and green and yellow candles: green for growth and healing, yellow for new energies and new beginnings.

       After our prayer to the Great Creator, we wrote down our intentions for the coming year and placed these pieces of paper inside of our green and yellow plastic eggs. To these intentions we added offerings of dirt from Mother Earth, white pine needles to symbolize peace, and a variety of herbs and spices to symbolize love, healing, and new beginnings. We will keep these eggs in our homes, where our intentions can germinate until the Summer Solstice when we will bury the contents in the ground, where they will continue to grow.

       After this part of the ceremony we participated in a guided meditation, followed by a snack of sunflower seeds, almonds, and chocolate eggs - all symbols of new beginnings!

A verse from the Solar Wave prayer that we read: 

Dear Great Creator:
We have new eyes to see as you see.
We have new ears to hear as you hear.
We have new hearts to love as you love.
We have new minds to understand as you understand. 

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  1. What a beautiful Ceremony! Thank you for sharing! <3

  2. And thank YOU for all of your wonderful suggestions, Michelle!

  3. On Tuesday I just happened to find a 20 year old notebook filled entirely of my 33 day Change My Life ceremony forgivenesses, releases, affirmations, and prayers (yes, I did burn the negativities each evening). I "just happened" to relive this soul cleansing on the Equinox, which is also the birthday of my daughter. Emily, I did not see the calendrical connection until I read your post!!!! Thank you.

  4. Good post, thanks. I just signed up to your rss feed!
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