Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Discovering Who We Are

       I have been enthralled by all the enlightening information contained in Patricia Cota-Robles'  book: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Having spent much of my adult life reading books upon books about "the meaning of life," I can honestly say this is the one book that - for me - brings the most clarity to the human question, and fills in the gaps where I had previously received partial answers.

       In this book you will find what I am inclined to believe is the true story of humanity's fall. Yes, we were created to be divine children of and co-creators with our Father-Mother God. So what happened to us? The tragic story sent tears running down my face - but realizing that it happened millions - not thousands - of years ago, I had to keep reading, to follow the unfolding of the Divine Plan. 

       We have now arrived at that point in time when we are ready to re-claim our place as divine co-creators with God. No longer is it blasphemy to claim our true heritage! Now we realize it is blasphemy to deny the mother aspect of our God parents. It is blasphemy to throw away the gift of co-creation that was given to us at our birth, millions of years ago. It is blasphemy to say that any of God's children are unworthy worms.

       It was blasphemy for Constantine to edit the scriptures, removing all references to reincarnation, and to compose, with his bishops, the Nicene Creed that claims Jesus was the ONLY begotten child of God. I have not said the Nicene Creed in a long time, but since reading this book, which confirms everything I had previously known about Constantine, I decided I will remain seated while others stand to profess their faith according to the words of this creed. 

       I know that most people who disagree with the tenets of the Christian Church simply choose not to participate in it. But I still love my church and my church family, so I stay there to protest the lies we have been told for 2,000 years, and to plant little seeds of New Thought whenever I can. 

       For instance, after clearly outlining my beliefs to my pastor, I volunteered to take home communion to our shut-ins. My pastor said that while my beliefs are not traditional, she doesn't have a problem with them. The prayer that I was given for the occasion ended with these words: "Although we are unworthy to approach you, or to ask anything at all of you, grant us your grace and blessing for the sake of Jesus Christ our Redeemer." I changed this passage to read: "As your divine children, we ask you to grant us your grace and blessing, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our Way Shower."

       The other elder who was serving communion with me said the prayer was beautiful, and our shut-in friend loved the whole service, including my analogy: that the time Jesus spent between the crucifixion and the resurrection was like the time a caterpillar spends in the chrysalis, turning into a butterfly. I said that we, too, are like caterpillars in a chrysalis - it's just taking us a little longer to break free and fly.

       In recent years I have grown bolder about speaking my truth at church, at home, and in my writing. Patricia Cota-Robles book validates my beliefs in such a way that reading it has given me even more courage to express my beliefs and shine my Light whenever and wherever I can. 

       I have been empowered by these words from Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

"Every day deliberately use your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions
to add to the Light of the world. You have been training for lifetimes to do this. 
Ask your I AM Presence for guidance. Listen to your heart. Trust yourself. 
You are powerful beyond your knowing." 

       These words are for you, my reader, too!

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