Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mothers and Daughters


       Mothers everywhere wish they could be closer to their daughters as they grow up, move away, and start families of their own. Some mothers are fortunate to have their daughters live nearby so they can see each other often, but sometimes the geographical proximity cannot make up for the emotional distance between mother and daughter. Sometimes mothers and daughters share common interests and values and sometimes they must make a conscious effort to construct bridges between each other because their lifestyles are so different.  

       My daughter and I are closer emotionally than my mother and I were, even though we are different in more ways than I would like. Vera lives in Wisconsin, hundreds of miles from my home in New York. I was a stay-at-home mother while she is a busy school psychologist. We enjoy different kinds of music, movies, and books. I maintain this blog on the spiritual meaning of Oneness, while she creates make-up tutorials under her name, Vera Lynn.

       My husband and I have always supported Vera's creative endeavors which were mainly musical ones when she lived at home. She took piano lessons for many years, played in a bell choir, sang in various choirs, and earned a music scholarship before deciding to switch her major to psychology. 

       Vera has discovered that school psychology is a lot more stressful than she had anticipated, especially when she has a baby to take care of. Vera copes with this stress by creating new make-up looks for herself and her tutorial audience. While I don't think of make-up as an appropriate topic for a spiritual blog, I will say that women all over the globe like to enhance their beauty with cosmetics, so a passion for make-up IS something that connects women who come from different backgrounds. AND, because I, like mothers all over the world, love my daughter and wish to support her passion, I am posting a link to Vera's most recent tutorial. I hope some of you will enjoy it and subscribe to her You Tube channel. 

Here she is: Vera Lynn!  (Also: Everyday Fall Make-up and Thanksgiving Make-up)

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