Sunday, December 26, 2010

Building Bridges at Wellspring Hill

The Highest Purpose of Wellspring Hill: “This land is a wellspring or fountain of very clear pure energy. It comes from the stream-bed energetically; that is where there is a special spiritual balance of energies that resonates both with Earth and with humans; and a special connection deep into the Earth. The wellspring energy of this land can be a healing balm and comfort for people. Positive energy, joy, hope, purity and peace flow from it naturally. The image is of the wellspring bringing this pure energy up from the Earth and through humans and thence upward to the heavens. The highest use of this energy is to empower and uplift humans who come and visit in order to receive tangible or intangible things there at the land."

Excerpt from Earth Wisdom Reading by Sarah Root, Nature Intuitive (See: Earth Wisdom: Aligning Heart and Spirit with Nature.)


                                                    Wellspring Hill, Maryland, New York

In ancient times people engaged in ritual and ceremony as a way to build a bridge between their mundane life and the spiritual world. As stated by Jade Wah’oo Grigori, a shaman and ceremonialist from Sedona Arizona: “Through the creation of ceremony, we allow the free movement of our soul into the mundane and of our consciousness in the realm of soul. It’s a two-way bridge.’” (Sacred Ceremony by Steven Farmer, pp. xvi-xvii)

Today, life-cycle celebrants offer creative, meaningful, and healing ceremonies to sanctify life-changing passages. Ceremonies can celebrate birth, coming-of-age, graduation, marriage, job changes, retirement, menopause, death, and any other event that marks an important steppingstone on our life journey. Celebrating important events with ceremony is a way of re-introducing the ancient use of ritual to connect our mortal lives with the eternal. 

Earth-based religions of the past and present, including Druidism, Native American spirituality, Wiccanism, and Paganism (among others), incorporate ceremonies to celebrate the cycles of Nature in their practices.  Mother Earth rejoices that these ancient rituals are resurfacing to strengthen the long-neglected bridge between humankind and the rest of Creation.  However, these seasonal ceremonies are conducted according to very specific guidelines, just as a church baptism or communion celebration is defined by prescribed ritual. As the interest in reconnecting with Nature grows, people from outside of these religions are looking for ways to commune with her through ceremony. 

The ceremonies that life-cycle celebrants create are not restricted by the dictates of any one institution. Celebrants are trained to create original ceremonies by using elements from a variety of cultures and faiths, and by allowing their imaginations to take part in the process.  The goal of the ceremonies that Emily will perform at Wellspring Hill, or another spot of your choosing, is to be inclusive for all people who respect the writings, prayers, and symbolism of others as valid ways to build bridges between ourselves and all of Creation. 

                                                    Stream at Wellspring Hill                                                 

From the Earth Wisdom Reading for Wellspring Hill:One is to hold celebrations there - sacred or spiritual celebrations - for small groups. This would draw the land's joyful energy forth and help pour its healing clarity through those who come, connecting them to spirit and nature and oneness. It is an especially wonderful-feeling location for such ritual celebrations. . . .
It would be a perfect place to offer a new unique kind of celebration for people - one that garners the blessings of Mother Earth within the ceremony . . .. In other words, the nature spirits are going to be delighted to help you! They are going to pour their good energies through everyone there! There is great joy and excitement in the idea of creating celebrations for the "new age" which humans are moving into -- an age of reconnecting with Earth and ritual and higher consciousness.”
Emily and I have worked together on several powerful Release and Renewal Ceremonies. She is very creative, and designs original, unique and meaningful ceremonies that help people celebrate life milestones in a respectful and memorable way. She is committed, understanding, compassionate, and "detail oriented." She has a beautiful ability to connect with Divine Light and Divine Intuition, which draw in and attract powerful energies for healing and renewal.
                                                                         ~Diana Friedell, Intuitive Counselor

Emily VanLaeys' guided meditations are a heart-warming experience. Her voice is soothing and gentle as she guides the listener through a landscape of feeling and imagery wrought with a sincerity and devotion which is evident to all who share in the experience.
                                                                         ~ Chester Bassett

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