Friday, February 18, 2011

Sealing the Door where Evil Dwells


             Last night I attended the monthly meeting of a local group: the Mind, Body, Spirit Collective. This is a wonderful collection of light workers and energy healers that get together for a talk by a member of the group, a guided meditation, and a delightful potluck supper.  During last night's presentation we learned about the sacred meaning of words, which led one participant to point out the connection between the words Satan, Saturn, and Saturday. He said that Satan, being a fallen angel, cannot do anything without God’s knowledge and consent. The fear and evil that Satan generates is necessary so that we can fully appreciate the love and goodness that it contrasts with.
I am familiar with this explanation for the existence of evil, and I don’t disagree with it, but I spoke up last night and said: “Haven’t we experienced enough evil by now to know that we don’t need or want it anymore?”  I believe that humankind has known enough violence that at least some of us are capable of appreciating a peaceful existence for eternity. I know I am!  

           Following this meeting I went home and went to bed, where I experienced my usual sparkly peace and light-filled waking moments between periods of sleep.  I also had a vivid dream that echoed the experience of the evening’s gathering.

I was at a dreamtime meeting where the presenter announced that she was going to demonstrate a technique that allows people to experience their connection with every part of Creation. I had volunteered to be the subject of her demonstration. She told me that I would have some experiences that would feel very real even though they wouldn’t actually happen, so if I got scared at any point, I should let her know by tugging my ear lobes and wiggling my fingers in my ears.

                I then experienced different aspects of nature, the most vivid being the snow that I actually saw and felt falling all around and on me. I saw several wild animals, but none of them noticed me until one large lion came straight toward me, looking like it was going to attack.  I pulled on my ear lobes and wiggled my fingers in my ears. Immediately the lion turned into a smiling lion-man with obviously friendly intentions. The presenter told me that I could not touch him, but all my fear was gone.

                This dream confirms for me my belief that when we choose to experience love rather than fear – we will. And so it shall be: that those who choose love over fear will enter the new world that will be heaven on earth: a place where violence, evil, and fear have no place.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
from The Lord's Prayer

Let the Plan of Love and Light Work Out,
And May It Seal the Door Where Evil Dwells.
                                           Let Light, Love, and Power Restore the Plan on Earth.
 from The Great Invocation


  1. To start with I have to assure everyone I am not a devil worshipper! In fact, I'm a reasonably god-loving man, no more no less.

    But I do think the opportunity remains to re-assess the material in the Old and New testaments.

    For instance, the literal meaning of "Lucifer" is "light bringer". And in the light-bringer role, Lucifer's "peers" ( or possibly "alter egos" / doppelgangers) include Prometheus, Marduk, Osiris and Quetzalcoatl.

    Promotheus has you may recall provided humankind with the gift of fire, against the wishes of Zeus, whose prescribed punishment was that Prometheus would be chained to a rock and have an eagle peck at his liver, for all eternity.

    The Prometheus story parallels Lucifer's disobedience in encouraging humankind to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

    Similar stories abound involving the other father-disrespecting "gods" mentioned above,.

    I come to no conclusions about any of this. I don't necessarily feel that any of it is true.
    I'm playing "devil's advocate" (literally, as some will inevitably point out).

    But I do think we need to rethink our creation stories, particularly in light of recent archeological findings in relation to the Essenes as well as to the ideas in the so-called "nag hammadi" scrolls.

    (Now I'm going to put on my thickest armour, and go and hide myself away somewhere, until the anger subsides!)

  2. No need to hide - a lot of people are beginning to recognize Satan's purpose in God's plan. (Just read the Book of Job.) Also - there is some controversy as to whether Satan and Lucifer are even the same entity, as I mention in this blog:

  3. Hi Emily, just had a look at the content at the above link: thanks for putting me on to it. Makes for very interesting reading, indeed.

  4. I'm really very glad that you guys are so open-minded. I've encountered so much blind hate lately, preticularly from the radicals of various religious sects, and it's really good to finally see some love being encouraged. Thank you!

  5. Erin, you will find that love is blossoming all over the world if you look in the right places. Leave the fanatics alone and look for spiritual people and groups focused on love, compassion, unity, building bridges, divine light, hope, faith, harmony, and understanding. Divine Love's plan for humanity is unfolding, and soon the Light will overpower the darkness.

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