Monday, February 14, 2011

Avalanche of Love! by Emily VanLaeys

I am participating in the Avalanche of Love this Valentine’s Day morning. I spent the first hour of the avalanche in meditation, feeling so much love, light, and joy for the world that tears brimmed in my eyes. I imagined the world as it will be when all of humanity has returned to Oneness in Love. I saw myself visiting every country of the world, each one beautiful with its unique culture, abundant with the joy of the peace and freedom that will come when all oppressors have disappeared with the passing of the temporal world.  In each country I will meet new friends, eat the food that they offer, listen to the stories that they tell, wear the clothes that they create, dance to the music that they play, worship the divine as they do, and drink in the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us. I will travel to each place on the wings of love, and all of my friends, new and old, will visit me just as easily!  I will serve them the best food I can imagine in the beautiful settings I will create just by thinking about them. Everyone will manifest what they think about, and we will think the most sublime thoughts because we will be so full of love and light and joy.

I am spending the second half of the Avalanche writing this, because I can only think and imagine for just so long before the thoughts insist on pouring themselves into words that I can share! There are 3,800 people around the world joining the archangels and light beings in this Avalanche of Love, filling ourselves with love and sending it out to drench the world in its glory. Unlike so many spiritual activities, the goal is not to seek enlightenment for ourselves; but to spread so much Love and Light throughout the world that more and more people will awaken to their true identity as children of Love, brothers and sisters of Creation, and wellsprings of Light. 

I have been corresponding with a spiritual seeker who has been struggling to overcome his self-absorption while hoping to achieve spiritual enlightenment. I have suggested that the secret to spiritual-growth may be not to seek it for oneself, but to seek it for the world. It is the ego that separates us from one another; creating conflict and unhappiness. Jesus said: "Those who want to save their life will lose it; and those who lose their life for my sake will find it." I'm sure he was not speaking about losing our physical bodies. But when we lose our ego attachment to our particular personality so that we can be One with Divine Love and Light, then we discover our true purpose as our Higher Self

Each Higher Self is connected to every other.  As my Higher Self, learning to hold more and more Light and Love, I am doing my part to create more of the same in every heart and every soul. As the hour-long Avalanche of Love ends, the world is holding more Love and Light than it did an hour ago! And this is just one of the many such events that are happening more often as humanity awakens to the divine plan: our return to Oneness and Love.
Blessings to all my dear readers.  Blessings, Love and Joy!

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  1. Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this! I slept through the Avalanche but am grateful that it happened anyway and I am ready to soak up and radiate back the Love! faith in Mpls MN