Wednesday, November 26, 2014


3-mo-old Alex playing with Grandma

 A year ago I wrote an article about babies while anticipating the birth of my first grandchild. Alexander is 11 months old now, and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it's a good time to write about how grateful I am for this new little life. His coming into the world on December 21, 2013 has given me a new role in life - that of grandmother. Last year I wrote that babies create bridges because everyone (almost) loves them, no matter what religion or political persuasion their parents may be. Now that I'm a grandmother I realize how many other ways babies build bridges. 

1. Babies create parents and grandparents who build bridges between one another because we share a common bond in our love for our children and grandchildren. 

2. Babies build bridges with the past. Playing with Alex 
reminds me of what it was like when my own children were babies. And he makes me wonder what it was like when I was a baby 60+ years ago. What was it like when every little thing, from a shoelace to the tag on my blanket - was brand new and exciting?

3. Babies build bridges with the future. Having a grandchild helps me to think and wonder more clearly about what my future will be like. Having a grandson will surely make old age more enjoyable! My 90-year-old father was ready to give up on life before he met his first great-grandchild. Then he said: "Now I have something to live for. I can't wait to see what will happen next!"

4. Babies build bridges between heaven and earth. Straight from heaven - so pure and joyful - Alexander reminds me that the place we come from, the place we will return to, is beautiful and full of love.

Can you think of another way that babies help to build bridges of oneness? 
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