Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Portrait of My Heart by Emily VanLaeys

Emily's Heart Chakra

       Last Saturday I had the privilege of meeting a beautiful soul, whose name in this life is Leiah Rubin Bowden, of "Lightspeak Transformational Arts."  Leiah has the intuitive ability
to see and draw chakras, and to interpret what she sees to assist healing and understanding 
in her clients.

         I met Leiah at the Shift New York Holistic Living & Psychic Fair in Oneonta. Although Leiah offers full chakra portraits, these take a couple of hours to create. At the fair, she only had 20 minutes to spend with each client, so she drew an interpretation of just one chakra for each of us. She said my heart chakra was the one calling for attention, I'm guessing because I meditate on "I Am Love" more than anything else. 

         Leiah chanted as she gazed at my heart chakra and began to draw. As she drew she talked about what she was seeing. I can't say I totally understood it all . . . .Some of the symbols that she saw and drew have to do with my "off-planet" being. She talked about how we are all multi-dimensional beings, existing simultaneously on different worlds - even though each self is not consciously aware of the others. The pink and gold rectangle in my heart chakra shows that my off-planet being is structured, benevolent, and clear, with a divine gold lining. 

        The purple flower with a white center in the middle of my heart shows my dedication to a beautiful source. The surrounding pink color comes from the feeling of love and warmth inside of me. The green outside of that shows that I have a mature, nourishing heart. I open my sacred heart energy to everyone in my world. It is an automatic flowing forth - I don't have to think about it to make it happen. 

             I don't remember for sure, but I think the gold symbols at the top and the silver ones on the left are also related to my off-planet being. I don't think she knew exactly what they mean. The last thing I wrote in my notes says: "Attunement of heart to universal appreciation of what love can do." It's all very positive and affirming. My understanding is that everyone who receives a chakra portrait has a positive experience, because our chakras emanate from our divine being rather than the ego where the negative aspects of ourselves reside. 

            Working with our chakras is a good reminder that our true beings are divine, eternal, and good. What could be more affirming than that? 

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  1. Emily, thank you for this lovely remembrance of your heart chakra session with me.
    Yes, everyone has a positive experience, you're right, because I look beyond the emotional patterns that may be dominating anyone's consciousness to the deeper, expression of the soul's authentic radiance.

    You're also right that I don't know what the gold symbols mean, specifically, as symbols, a form of language -- but I do know that when I am impulsed to pick up a metallic gold pastel in the course of drawing an Energy Portrait, I am sensing the prominent presence of the divine creator, that purest, most powerful, completely allowing aspect of our own being. I usually say it like this: "We are all God walking around, and when I see this gold, I know that that's where the God -Creator -Source vibration is able to express itself without the mitigation of fear, the many faces and expressions of which we humans mask and block our authentic nature."