Thursday, January 10, 2019

Spreading Warmth and Oneness with the Orange Dragons

            Dragons feature in many of the myths and fairytales I learned as a child. They were usually evil creatures who had to be slain by a brave knight. Still, I must have had an innate knowledge of dragons as higher beings, because I wrote about one in my independent study of children’s fantasy literature during my senior year in college.

            Recently I have learned that dragons are real and wise beings of the angelic realms. I am reading Diana Cooper’s book: Dragons:Your Celestial Guardians. If you think a belief in dragons is nonsensical, you can stop reading now!

            To those of you with the imagination to encompass the reality of mythical beings in the higher realms of existence, I will share that dragons exist in the higher dimensions where they work together with angels for our highest good. Dragons have the ability to create matter and deconstruct it. The angels hold the vision while the dragons manifest it. Like angels, dragons do not have free will. They can do our bidding only if it is in alignment with divine will.  

            Dragons come in many different colors and serve in different ways. You can learn about all of the dragons and use the visualizations in Cooper’s book to manifest the highest good for yourself and others. For the purpose of building bridges, I’d like to tell you about the orange dragons who are devoted to uniting soul families and soul communities in preparation for the new Golden Age. Cooper tells us: “They light up individuals and groups so that they recognize each other.”

            The orange dragons are breathing harmony and oneness over people. The color orange emanates from the naval chakra, just above the sacral chakra. When it is open we feel inclusive, connected, and happy. The orange dragons are helping us to open this chakra. They watch over humanity to see whose naval chakras are open and shining. They know these are the people who are ready to spread the message of oneness and joy. They are looking for these people to be peace ambassadors in the world.

            The orange dragons are often found near borders and boundaries where they puff their energy of acceptance and freedom. There must be many of them puffing away at the border between Mexico and the United States now! The work of the orange dragons is so very important at this time. They need us to support their work in building bridges between countries, instead of walls. One way we can do this is through the following visualization from Diana Cooper's book: 

Visualization to Spread Peace and Friendship

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. 

2. Light a candle and dedicate it to higher peace and oneness on Earth.

3. Call in the orange dragons and ask them to blow into your navel chakra.

4. Relax and experience your navel lighting up. 

5. All over the world (forget about the weather) see front doors wide open.

6. See people everywhere relaxed, at peace, communicating, and smiling.

7. Visualize the orange dragons dissolving all boundaries between countries, religions,  communities, and individuals. 

8. See Archangel Metatron taking your intention and adding it to the Plan for Earth.

9. Thank the orange dragons. 

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