Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Out of Tragedy Springs New Life

       The fiery destruction of France's Notre Dame Cathedral last night was met by reactions of horror and sorrow around the globe. Sometimes it is a tragedy like this that builds bridges between people of different faiths and cultures. Even those of us who are not Catholic recognize the beauty, the history, and the spiritual significance of this great cathedral, now standing in partial ruin. Offers of financial assistance for the rebuilding of the cathedral have already come from around the world, coming to hundreds of millions of dollars. Notre Dame will rise from the ashes, like the magical phoenix of legend. 

       This blog has been inactive for several months, but yesterday I noticed there were 115 views from France. The French, as well as many others, are seeking spiritual solace at this time of tragedy. It was heartwarming to see the crowds singing hymns and praying as they watched their beloved cathedral burn. I think their prayers were answered, because the facade, the twin bell towers, and much of the cathedral's interior, as well as artifacts and works of art, remain unharmed. No one died in the fire and only one out of the 400 firefighters was injured. 

       Many have noted the significance of this fire occurring during Holy Week. Just as Jesus Christ's physical body was destroyed at the end of this week, so the physical embodiment of "Our Lady of Paris" suffered the ravages of fire last night. Jesus demonstrated that the death of our physical body is not the end of our eternal life. The destruction of a cathedral does not damage the divine spirit the cathedral symbolizes. In fact, the spirit is made stronger when it overcomes tragedy and begins anew. 

       Perhaps the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, a Christian icon, is a transformative fire that will lead to a spiritual renewal in which the Church will become more inclusive of all God's children. Signs of fire in Biblical Scripture signify God's holy presence, power, and glory, as well as the purification and cleansing action of the Holy Spirit. But fire is present in other spiritual pathways, and in many traditions it is a living presence which provides guidance and comfort. Divine flames can transmute negative energies into the positive energies of love and joy.

       It took a massive amount of water to squelch the Notre Dame fire, which brought to my mind the fire-and-water dragons that are a powerful force for movement and change. Fire and water together create steam, and steam-cleaning is extremely thorough. There are many aspects of the Catholic Church, and the Christian Church at large, that need to be deep cleaned. Let us pray that this deep-cleaning will be the catalyst for something new and wonderful. 

       This additional message comes from

The Burning of Notre Dame
On April 15, 2019, billions of people around the world watched in horror as the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France burned out of control. The shock of this heart-rending event forced open the hearts of the masses of Humanity in ways that allowed the Divine Feminine to expand her Presence within every Heart Flame. This triggered a healing process that has been unfolding for over 850 years.
The most tragic result of our fall from Grace is that aeons ago we closed our Heart Chakra while trying to avoid the painful effects of our distorted human miscreations. This catapulted us into the abyss of separation and duality. We lost awareness of our Mother God, who is the Holy Spirit. We became oblivious of her Divine Love which is intended to perpetuate within us the knowing that we are One with ALL Life.  We also lost knowledge of the Divine Feminine.
We began believing that as Sons and Daughters of God we had just one single masculine parent, a Father God. Since that fateful time, Humanity has been functioning with a fragmented patriarchal consciousness.  Through this distorted consciousness we have grossly abused our Father God’s Divine Will and Masculine Power. For aeons of time, our fragmented and fear-based fallen ego has suppressed and oppressed our Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love. Our ego has blocked the awareness of the Oneness of ALL Life and the Divine Feminine. Nowhere has that abuse of power been more evident than in the hierarchy and teaching of the various organized world religions.
In the year 1163, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, a plan was set into motion to create an outer-world symbol that would be dedicated to our Mother God and the return of the Divine Feminine. The goal was for the Cathedral of Notre Dameto be built in the heart Paris with such an exquisite demonstration of art and architecture that people from all over the world would be drawn to her with wonder and awe regardless of their religious affiliations.
Notre Dame means Our Lady. The spiritual symbol of France is the Fleur-de-lis, which represents the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame pulsating in every person’s heart. This symbol reflects the Holy Trinity, our Father God’s Power, our Mother God’s Love and the Son and Daughter of God’s Enlightenment.
For 856 years our Mother God and various Aspects of the Divine Feminine have blessed the hearts and minds of people with the Sacred Breath of the Holy Spirit as they entered the Cathedral of Notre Dame. This Gift has gently softened hearts and helped prepare the masses of Humanity for this Cosmic Moment.
The Cathedral of Notre Dame has been under attack and rebuilt several times during the past centuries. These attacks were based in the patriarchal consciousness of Humanity’s fallen egos, which were striving to block the return of the Divine Feminine. In every instance these attacks failed and the radiance of our Mother God’s Love and the blessing of the Holy Spirit’s Sacred Breath became stronger.
Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven want us to know in the deepest recesses of our hearts that the events that unfolded for “Our Lady of Paris” during Holy Week in 2019 were not an attack. This purging fire was very different from the things she experienced in the past.
There has been a valiant effort to refurbish the Cathedral of Notre Dame for a while now, but the Company of Heaven revealed that the purification that is needed to permanently burst the oppressive bonds of the abusive patriarchal hierarchy of organized religions has to be much more dramatic.
There has to be a changing of the guard. The “old guard” has to be removed and transformed back into its original perfection which reflects the Divine Masculine. Then the full expression of our Mother God’s Love, the Divine Feminine, will be able to reclaim her rightful place in the hearts of Humanity and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
During the week before the fire that consumed much of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, twelve huge statues representing the Twelve Apostles were removed. These masculine representations of power and authority were considered “the Guardians” by the French people. The twelve statues have been taken to a special place where they are being refurbished and transformed. 
As the purging fire blazed through the structure of Notre Dame on April 15th, the people of France gathered in front of the cathedral. They knelt in prayer, sang songs, cried and in deep reverence they held the sacred space for Notre Dame’s unfolding Divine Plan in the full embrace of our Mother God’s Divine Love.
At the same time, billions of people around the world supported them and joined them in consciousness through televised broadcasts and social media connections. This collective Cup of Consciousness created the Open Door through which our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity, God Victoriously purged and cleansed the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of Mother Earth from the masculine abuse of power that has oppressed and suppressed the Divine Feminine since Humanity’s fall from Grace. For several days thereafter thousands of people marched in the streets and reverently held vigils in front of “Our Lady of Paris.”
Now through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth the Cathedral of Notre Dame will be Resurrected and Transfigured.


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