Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Manifesting with Unicorns

       Last night I watched a quirky movie on Netflix called "Unicorn Store." It was pretty silly, but I did agree with the premise - that unicorns are real! I have been learning about unicorns from Diana Cooper, who has met them and tells us: "Unicorns are seventh dimensional creatures, ascended horses who are fully of the angelic hierarchy. They have the same frequency as archangels and are returning now for the first time since the fall of Atlantis to shine wonder and enlightenment on us. They offer healing through their horns of light and are looking for those who have a vision to help others beside themselves. Then they will work with you to give you the strength and courage, dignity and purity to fulfil your purpose."

       Yesterday I received the unicorn oracle cards that I had ordered, mainly to share with my three-year-old granddaughter, who loves unicorns. But I am going to enjoy them myself until Clara comes to visit! I like the way the instruction book offers a "Layout for World Service." I am always seeking ways to be of service to the world, mainly through prayer and meditation, because I am an introvert. I drew cards for this layout last night and this morning, and both times I drew the "MANIFESTATION" card. This card tells me to focus on a vision beyond myself and my unicorn will help me. 

       I have been visualizing millions of unicorns going around the world, to touch all human hearts with their horns of healing light - so that all selfish thoughts and desires will give way to divine will, and light and love and power will restore the divine plan on earth. 

       The manifestation card says: "When you have a dream to help people or situations the unicorns will give you the strength, courage, and dignity to bring your vision to fruition. The affirmation is "I will do something to help others today." I decided that I would write this blog post to share with others what I am learning about unicorns and the way they can help us to bring about a world where love, peace, and joy abound in every life. 

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