Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pan and the Elemental Kingdom

Pan and Psyche

Edward Burne-Jones


     I have just finished listening to the audio lecture: “Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdom” by Roc Ogilvie Crombie. What a wonderful and enlightening experience it was! I highly recommend this CD set to anyone who is interested in building bridges with the nature kingdom, and anyone who believes in the nature spirits, or wants to! If you are familiar with the work that has been done in Findhorn, you already know something about Pan's desire to work with humans to restore the beauties of nature that have been either been destroyed or seriously damaged by humanity. Pan found in Crombie a man who was open to a connection with the elemental kingdom – someone who loved and respected Nature, and the elementals, who could serve as a messenger between the two worlds.

     I decided to order this CD set after my own contact with Pan, following a Star Blessing that I received from Dennie Lee Maslak early in May. The Star Blessing enables the recipient to channel an ascended master or other divine being who chooses to connect with you. (See: What is the first Star Blessing?) I was surprised to be chosen by Pan as I had expected to connect with a more “serious” master, such as Jesus or El Morya. Pan is playful, elusive, and not always cooperative. He usually does not communicate with me in words, and I can't see him and touch him as Crombie does. At first I was very disappointed to be chosen by Pan. While all the other Star Blessing recipients were happily writing pages and pages of wisdom that they received from their masters, I was receiving only impressions and spiritual vibrations.

     Gradually I learned to appreciate the tremendous love energy that Pan gives me, and to recognize the subtle way in which he and the nature elementals are using my energy to aid the work of restoring the beauty of Nature. He chose me for this project because I believe in the nature spirits and the importance of their work, and because I have created beautiful garden spots in my yard where his subjects can safely work and play. As Crombie explains in his lecture, people and nature spirits will work together in the coming new age. This is starting to happen now, as more and more people recognize the reality of the etheric plane and the beings who dwell there.

     Something I learned from Crombie's lecture is that while the nature spirits are actually entities of light and color, they appear as fairies, gnomes, elves, and such because they need material bodies in order to work with the physical aspect of the plant kingdom. Of course their physical bodies are still much lighter than ours, vibrating at a rate too fast for us to see. As the new age dawns, our own bodies are vibrating at higher and faster rates. (Do you feel this happening? I do!) I hope this means that more of us will soon be able to see the nature spirits as Crombie does.

     When we imagine nature spirits, most of us imagine fairies to be the most beautiful of these creatures. Usually we imagine them as female, with butterfly-like wings. I have noticed that most fantasy fairies depicted by contemporary artists look like sexy winged-women in provocative clothing. I think these images have more to say about the artists' desires than they do about the real fairies that live in our gardens. That's why I prefer the faery art of Brian Froud to modern fairy art that frequently looks like it belongs in Cosmopolitan magazine.

     Perhaps I digress, but perhaps not. Pan has taught me that to connect with Nature we must live from the heart: be love, vibrate love, share love. There is ego-related sex-love, that wants to have and to relate to stylized, perfect bodies. Then there is pure, unconditional love that sees beyond physical imperfections to the spirit within. It includes everyone, human and elemental, no matter what each one looks like. This is the kind of love we need to emanate, to build a stronger bridge between humanity and nature.

Winged Faerie by Brian Froud

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  1. I think building a bridge between humanity and nature involves humanity recognising and understanding that the nature of humanity is nature. Excellent post, thank you.
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